Wash day essentials

Wash day essentials
  • Shampoo

Shampoo cleanses the hair. 

  • Clarifying shampoo

Shampoo formulated to thoroughly remove oils, impurities, toxins, product build up or anything not apart of the hair strand. Clarifying shampoos can also slightly lift the cuticle to allow removal of foreign substances and to also allow penetration of following products.  

  • Hydrating / Moisturizing shampoo

Shampoo dedicated to providing moisture and/ or hydration to the hair strand. Some moisturizing shampoos are formulated to not strip hair which helps the hair retain some moisture. Read the label on your shampoo bottle to determine whether your shampoo is providing moisture or helping retain moisture. 

  • Repairing / Specialty shampoo

Reparative / Specialty shampoos are formulated to target specific concerns i.e. color care, Protein boost, damaged hair, over processed hair and the list goes on. Read your shampoos label to determine the target. 

  • Conditioner 

Product formulated to soften hair, increase manageability, improve comb-ability to decrease damage and breakage to the hair strand. 

  • Deep conditioner 

Conditioner formulated to penetrate the cuticle layer of hair to provide deep conditioning. 

  • Hair masque 

Usually formulated thicker than conditioner, this product is normally used for damaged or extremely dry hair that needs a bit more conditioning. 

  • Hair treatment 

A product formulated to address a specific need or concern with the hair. 

  • Protein treatment

Treatment that provides protein to the hair. Used as a strengthening and reparative treatment. 

Product designed to remain in the hair and provide moisture, strength, or whatever the product mentions on the label. 

Product used to detangle hair which reduces friction and breakage. This product is especially important to use on coily or kinky hair types. 

  • Serum

Product formulated to penetrate the hair. Serums normally seal in moisture, provides strength or humidity resistant properties. 

  • Moisturizer

Product used to keep the hair moisturized, soft and manageable. 

  • Gel 

Semi solid product designed to hold hair in place.  Some gels are made of protein, these gels can sometimes be beneficial to hair. 

  • Oil 

Used to nourish, seal and protect hair. Most oils do not penetrate. Oils are not moisturizers, they can help with moisture retention. Try my favorite oil here

  • Mousse

Used to obtain or maintain a style, usually curly styles. Mousses usually have varying degrees of hold. Choose a mousse that is conducive to the style you're looking to accomplish. 

  • Butter

Product having the consistency of butter used to seal in moisture. 

Examples of butter used in hair : Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Mango butter, Whipped mixed butters. Butters are usually applied after moisturizing products to seal in moisture as butters only coat the hair. Butters do not penetrate the hair. 

  • Styling product 

Product used to accomplish a particular style, i.e. Twisting, coiling, straightening, Holding products. These products are normally used in place of moisturizers and should not be. Always read your label, there you will find the directions for the  best and correct use of your product. 

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