Avoid dry hair in high humidity weather

Avoid dry hair in high humidity weather

Avoiding Humidity can feel like dodging raindrops.  Humidity is all around us.


It's outside, the shower, sauna , gym, any where there's moisture in the air. Depending on your location, humidity cannot be avoided but you can use a few tricks to help alleviate the effects of humidity on your hair.  Humidity enters the hair through open, damaged or missing cuticle layers, here's a few ways to avoid it. Let's get into it. 

  • Cold water Rinse

After using a moisture rich conditioner or mask on your hair, a cold water rinse will help close down your hairs cuticle which will help lock out humidity. 

  • Light oils 

Applying a light oil to the surface of your hair can create a barrier between your hair and the humidity. 

  • Leave in conditioner 

Moisture seeking hair (dry hair) attracts any moisture that it finds which includes humidity. To minimize the amount of moisture your hair seeks, be sure to use a leave in conditioner, a moisture serum, moisture mist or any product that is formulated to help the hair retain moisture. 

  • Protein treatments 

Protein treatments help repair the hairs cuticle which will help keep humidity from entering through any open gaps in the hair strand. 

  • Humidity blocking products

Products formulated to block or resist humidity are a great line of defense against humidity. These products use oils and humidity resistant ingredients to combat the effects of humidity on your hair. 

  • Frequent deep conditioning 

Frequent deep conditioning is key to helping your hair maintain a proper moisture balance. The more hydrated your hair is, the less it will seek moisture from the environment. 

  • Minimal heat 

High and frequent heat use can cause damage to the cuticle or lift the cuticle allowing humidity under the cuticle of the hair which will cause the hair to swell and /or frizz. 

Although humidity Is always going to be apart of our lives in some shape or form, I hope that reading this has given you some insight on how to fight our unseen but definitely felt enemy. 

Until next time, Peace Love and Beautiful Vibes, 



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  • I really enjoyed this article. My hair seems to attract humidity, but after reading this article I will definitely pay attention to my hair and include some changes to help me maintain my humidity problems.

    Yunie on

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