Stop struggling

Stop struggling

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Recently while away, I experienced a minor setback that taught me a valuable lesson.  While dressing for my outing,  I realized that I left my 9 row brush at home. I packed my flatiron and one of my favorite combs.For my mini getaway,  I opted for an extension install being that I would be in water at some point and my hair may get wet, yes I planned on getting all 28 inches wet. Once, I figured out that I did not have all the tools I would need, I figured being the hairstylist that I am, I would make it happen with what I had. I was only missing a brush, right?

Wrong. It took me forever to flatiron and style my hair. I was so frustrated. I instantly learned that knowledge and experience is not enough. Having the proper tools is also key. It took me almost 45 minutes longer to do something that could have easily taken 20 minutes with the proper tools. The point of this email is to   have you ask yourself "How can I simplify my hair routine, my wash days, and my life?

Sometimes things are complicated for lack of knowledge, other times its lack of proper tools. Audit your self on your next wash day and make a note of things that you feel would make your routine easier. 

Don't know what tools you may need for wash day?

Click here to read my blog post with a list of my favorite hairstyling tools. 

 Click here for a simple wash day essentials guide.



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