• How do I book an appointment with you ? 

By clicking the Book now tab on the home page or click here .


  • Do I need a consultation prior to booking for the first time ? 

The following services require a consultation: 

EXTENSION INSTALLS ( All extension services ) 

COLOR SERVICES ( If I'm offering color services at the time) 

If you'd like to meet me to see if we're a good client stylist fit and discuss your hair care needs prior to booking. 

  • How will I know if you're taking color clients?

You will be able to book the color service on my booking site, If it's not there, the service is unavailable. 

  • I can't find the service I'm looking to book. 

If you cant find the service you're looking for, I do not offer the service. 

  • I'm booking last minute, What are my options?

I do not squeeze in appointments unless I have a cancellation or reschedule. Call 561-255-2148 to be added to the waitlist.  I offer Before and After hour appointments which Is an additional $100.00 to your service price. For this service, Please call and ask for Vip service. This does not include a traveling fee if necessary. 

  • How do I know what's included in a service that I'm booking? 

Read the description of the service that you'd like to book. If it is not in the description of the service,  it is not included. 

  • Do my extension install service include hair? 

No. If you'd like to purchase extensions, visit www.kamilahlee.com. 

Tape In extensions will be ordered during the consultation. 


  • I was blocked from scheduling, can I reschedule? 


  • I booked online, will my card be charged? 

Your card will only be charged if you are a no show or cancel within 24 hours of your appointment. There is a 35.00 no show / Late cancellation fee. 

  • I am in a hurry, can my service be rushed?

No, book for another date. 



Recurring clients : 

Recurring appointments are reserved for clients looking to have a recurring appointment on a set day and time.


Recurring appointments can be set at any frequency within 30 days.

Any appointments not recurring within 30 days or less is not considered a recurring appointment.


If you miss 2 consecutive recurring appointments your remaining appointments will be cancelled.  I cannot guarantee your day or time once your appointments are cancelled.


Cancellations are required 24 hours in advance. Any cancellations within 24hours are subject to a 35.00 late cancellation fee.  We understand things happen, please communicate if you have any issues, cares or concerns.


Recurring appointments are booked for 1 year.