• How do I book an appointment with you ? 

By clicking the Book now tab on the home page or click here .
  • Do I need a consultation prior to booking for the first time ? 

The following services require a consultation: 
EXTENSION INSTALLS ( All extension services ) 
COLOR SERVICES ( If I'm offering color services at the time) 
If you'd like to meet me to see if we're a good client-stylist fit and discuss your hair care needs prior to booking. 
  • How will I know if you're taking color clients?

You will be able to book the color service on my booking site, If it's not there, the service is unavailable. 
  • I can't find the service I'm looking to book. 

If you cant find the service you're looking for, I do not offer the service. 
  • I'm booking last minute, What are my options?

I do not squeeze in appointments unless I have a cancellation or reschedule. Call 561-255-2148 to be added to the waitlist.  I offer Before and After hour appointments which Is an additional $100.00 to your service price. For this service, Please call and ask for Vip service. This does not include a traveling fee if necessary. 
  • How do I know what's included in a service that I'm booking? 

Read the description of the service that you'd like to book. If it is not in the description of the service,  it is not included. You will not be able to add or change services during your appointment, if you have a question concerning your appointment, please inquire before the cancellation period ends. 
  • Do my extension install service include hair? 

No. If you'd like to purchase extensions, visit www.kamilahlee.com. 
Tape In extensions will be ordered during the consultation. 
  • I was blocked from scheduling, can I reschedule? 

  • I booked online, will my card be charged? 

Your card will only be charged if you are a no show or cancel within 24 hours of your appointment. There is a 35.00 no show / Late cancellation fee. 
  • I am in a hurry, can my service be rushed?
No, book for another date. 
  • I am not feeling well, can I still come in?

No. If you are not feeling well, please stay home. If I am not feeling well, I will also reschedule or cancel my clients until I am positive I am not contagious. 
  •  Will my service start on time?

I do my best to start every client on time. I do commit to starting each client within 15 mins of arrival. There will be times when this isn't possible. In those instances, I will call 30 minutes to one hour in advance to let you know that I'm running behind. 

Late arrivals after 15 minutes will need to are rescheduled or cancelled. This policy allows me to service my clients on time and in a timely manner. 

                 Recurring clients : 

  • Recurring appointments are reserved for clients looking to have a recurring appointment on a set day and time.
  • Recurring appointments can be set at any frequency within 30 days.
  • Any appointments not recurring within 30 days or less is not considered a recurring appointment.
  • If you miss 2 consecutive recurring appointments your remaining appointments will be cancelled.  I cannot guarantee your day or time once your appointments are cancelled.
  • Cancellations are required 24 hours in advance. Any cancellations within 24hours are subject to a 35.00 late cancellation fee.  We understand things happen, please communicate if you have any issues, cares or concerns.
  • Recurring appointments are booked for 1 year unless canceled.