How to repair heat damaged hair

How to repair heat damaged hair

Heat damaged hair is that one nuisance in life that no one wants to have to deal with. If you need help determining whether you have heat damage or your hair is heat trained, read my blog post Heat damaged vs Heat Trained hair.

Now that you have determined that you have heat damaged hair,  the big question is, big chop or transition back to healthy?  

A big chop may sound like the easiest solution but there are other ways that may  save your heat-damaged hair, if it's not beyond repair. A stylist can help you determine the extent of your hair damage. Unfortunately, extremely heat damaged hair can not be repaired, a proper haircut would be necessary.  If you’ve determined that your hair is repairable, try these listed steps to help reverse some of your heat damage.  


    • Stop using heat 

    If you suspected that this would be my first solution, you were absolutely right. Yes, the common rebuttals, " but can I use heat once a month, every three months or even once a year ?"  The answer is NO. I'm not saying that you will never be able to use heat again, all I'm saying is no for now. Once you have completely repaired your hair or identified what caused the heat damage in the first place, Leave the heat alone. Sorry, not sorry.


    • Use Protein treatments

    Protein can sometimes be a very scary word to use. Use too much and you can cause more damage, use too little and the damage never gets repaired. When looking for the best protein treatment, It's best to look for one that is a premixed protein which means that it is already mixed in with a moisturizer.

    For protein to be effective, it must have a moisture balance. If you are using a pure protein product, its best to use a mask or deep conditioner like the Moisturize and Restore Conditioner  immediately after to restore the balance to your hair. 

    I recommend using a protein treatment once a month or every 4 shampoos. In between the protein use, I recommend a moisturizing and cleansing shampoo like the Restore shampoo . The reason why I recommend this shampoo is because It will cleanse your hair without stripping your hair of it's natural oils while preparing the hair to receive any treatments it may need. 


    • Restorative masks 

    Restorative masks are hair masques which are formulated to rebuild the hairs integrity. These masques usually contain protein amongst other bond building ingredients like Keratin. Hair Masques usually also create a protective layer over the hair to protect against further damage. Most restorative masques can be used with every shampoo. If It has protein in it, I recommend minimizing use to once per month and using a Conditioner like Moisturize and Restore conditioner to maintain the hard work that you are putting into your healthy hair journey. 

    Although these are things that you can do at home, I recommend seeing a hair care professional to assess your unique situation and help you onto the path of having healthy hair. 

    I hope that this was helpful, if you have any questions or suggestions leave them down below. I'd love to hear from you. 

    Peace, Love and Beautiful Vibes, 


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