Heat damaged Hair V.s Heat Trained Hair

Heat damaged Hair V.s Heat Trained Hair

Is your hair really heat damaged?

So you’ve  been getting your hair pressed for the last 6 months  And you’re noticing that your hair no longer curls up the way it used to. Your curl pattern has become looser, your curls don’t pop like they should and you most definitely  can’t wear your hair in an Afro anymore. Oh my goodness!!  You think that you have heat damage!!  But this just maybe furthest from the truth. 

This could mean one of two things; your hair is either Heat damaged or Heat Trained. Now I know some of your favorite YouTube Vloggers Tend to tell you that your hair is heat damaged when your hair stays straight after heat styling, but this just isn’t always the case. There’s also heat training which has similar characteristics of heat damaged hair without the damage.
Heat Damage :

* Hair had been burned by the flat iron by using excessive heat

* Hair is keratinized ( hardend cuticle)

* Hair doesn’t accept Moisture (This may very depending on hair type, texture and condition)

* Heat damaged hair tends to be dry and brittle

Heat damaged hair can not be reversed. The hair must be either cut or trimmed over a period of time until damaged hair is completely gone. Please seek a hair care professional to determine whether your hair has heat damage .
Heat Trained Hair :

* Curls will slightly relax after having your hair constantly heat styled over a long period of time

* hair is soft and accept moisture and product.

* Hair has elasticity ( the ability of your hair  to stretch and return to its normal length)

* Hair moves freely and is not stiff

* Hair is healthy, still have memory and will hold a curl very well.

To give you a clear understanding of how heat trained hair works , imagine a pair of perfectly creased ,slacks no matter how many times you wash them, that crease isn’t going anywhere. It’s  not that those pants have been damaged, The heat has changed the genetic makeup of that fabric and has Trained it to mimic the pattern given to it by the heat. This is how heat Trained hair works, just like your muscles have memory, your hair does too.

I hope this has helped you understand the difference between heat damaged and heat Trained Hair

If you have any questions or  would love to leave me feedback, reply to  this post. I’ll be more than happy to hear from you.

Until next time,
Peace, Love and beautiful vibes.


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