5 Tips for Slay Worthy Curls

5 Tips for Slay Worthy Curls

Every time you curl your hair, it seems to drop within a couple of hours huh ?! Minutes ?

Well here's a couple of tips to avoid this curl nuisance.

  • Purchase quality hair. Cheaper hair tends to be processed with chemicals and mixed with synthetic fibers which prevents the hair from having proper moisture balance and elasticity which is critical for hair to hold a curl.

  • Add layers. When the hair is one length it will hold weight at the bottom and your curls will drop faster. ( Thank the law of gravity)

  • Never drop or comb out your curls immediately after curling. Pin curl them and let them down right before you're ready for your engagement.

  • Use minimal product. Product weighs the hair down, esp heavy oils. Opt for a lightweight oil Like BASIC Brilliant Shine Spray and a light hold spray for best results.

  • Use quality irons. Not all curlers or irons are created equal. Ask your stylist what's a good fit for your hair needs. I Highly recommed Bio Ionic heat styling tools.

I hope this has helped you in achieving slay worthy curls.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment down below or hit the chat button !!

Until next time,

Peace, Love and Beautiful Vibes

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